Employee Networks

AT METRO, we are always open to support diverse networks led and participated in by our employees. The groups exist to provide support to different topics and to create a safe space where employees can bring their whole selves to the table. Find out more on our global employee networks!

Women in Trade

Women in Trade (WiT) is an international employee network within METRO. WiT seeks to promote and support women in the company. The basic idea: to see, seize and make use of opportunities. The network pursues three objectives: WiT seeks to continually increase the share of women in positions of leadership. WiT seeks to advance cultural change in the company. WiT seeks to establish a way of working that is oriented to the life phases of our employees - which means bringing family and career more strongly into harmony with one another. More. Better. More flexible . The network is active on many fronts. It promotes exchange and networking - from the WiT Lunch to the annual WiT TALKS conference. It also creates possibilities for continued personal development, such as through coaching sessions. And WiT generates awareness of the subject of equal opportunity for women - at METRO events, for example.


More openness. More exchange. More visibility. METRO PRIDE is the network and contact point for all LGBT+ colleagues as well as their supporters and interested individuals. LGBT+ stands for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender-plus the large family of all sexual orientations and identities. The underlying idea of METRO PRIDE: sexual orientation or identity should not pose a limitation-either in one's private life or career. At work, every individual deserves the freedom to be who they are-without fear. METRO PRIDE promotes networks and friendships. METRO PRIDE provides advice and support. METRO PRIDE stands up for tolerance, diversity and equal opportunity in the company. Its actions range from regulars' tables to workshops. In addition, its ambassador programme calls on members to become active for the network.

I'm a prod ally

Green Future

Green Future is the sustainability employee network within METRO. The vision of the network is to change the general thinking in terms of sustainability.  Sustainability should become a self-evidence. It’s importance and necessity should become unquestioned for everyone. Through their actions they contribute to the sustainable maturity of METRO.