Diversity and Inclusion

Our inclusive culture & leadership helps our customers to be successful, innovative and sustainable independent entrepreneurs. At METRO we foster an environment where everyone's opinion counts and is appreciated for adding value. Independent of gender, sexual orientation and identity, physical & mental ability, age, ethnicity or religion.

Our motto: Be YourSelf, be the Best you can be!

Employees by gender (in %) women 48% | men 52% (as of 30/09/2020)

Employees by gender (in %): Women 48% | Men 52%

as of 30/09/2020

Gender breakdown in managerial positions (in %): women 25% / men 75% (as of 30/09/2020)

Gender breakdown in managerial positions (in %): Women 25% | Men 75%

as of 30/09/2020

Number of Nationalities: 157 Nationalities, 34 Countries (as of 30/09/2020)

Number of nationalities: 157 nationalities in 34 countries

as of 30/09/2020

Partner- and Memberships



Since June 2021, METRO is a member of BeyondGenderAgenda. BeyondGenderAgenda has set itself the goal of securing and expanding the international competitiveness of the German economy in the long term by anchoring Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DE&I) in the DNA of listed and medium-sized companies. The goal of the initiative is to ensure equal opportunities for individuals with disabilities, of any gender, age, cultural and social background or different sexual orientation and gender identity when filling management board positions and supervisory board mandates, thus bringing about a cultural change with the involvement of politics, society and business.

LEAD Network - Lead Executives Advancing Diversity

LEAD Network

Since 2016, METRO has been a partner of the LEAD Network. As a foundation partner we take the mission and vision of the Network seriously. This European network seeks to promote female management personnel in the retail and consumer goods industry. The acronym LEAD stands for Leading Executives Advancing Diversity. The aim is to win over women for the sector and actively support them in their career paths – for example, through qualification and management personnel development. LEAD consistently pursues the vision of a diverse workforce. LEAD campaigns for the promotion of female talent to create sustainable values. LEAD is convinced that more women are needed in leadership positions, in order to effectively meet the current challenges in the industry.

Prout at work

Prout at Work

Since summer 2017, METRO is a member of PROUT at WORK. The PROUT at WORK Foundation is committed to a non-discriminatory and open work environment in which diversity is valued and promoted. The commitment is to the mutual understanding and equal opportunities of people of any sexual orientation, gender identity and any sexual expression in the workplace.


Uhlala – We stay Pride

METRO is one of the founding members of the Uhlala – We stay Pride Program. With this LGBT+ Employer Excellence Program, Uhlala supports their members individually in living diversity outside of the Pride Month, further developing the organization and its employees, and ensuring that successes are successfully implemented, visible to the inside and outside.


charta der vielfalt

Charta der Vielfalt

Since 2007, METRO has signed the German Diversity Charter. This initiative seeks to strengthen diversity in companies. Its aim is to create a working environment that is free of prejudice. All employees should be shown appreciation. Independent of gender, nationality, ethnic background, religion, worldview, disability, age, sexual orientation and identity. The patron of the Diversity Charter is Federal Chancellor Angela Merkel.

Bloomberg Gender-Equality Index 2021

METRO’s Gender Targets

We promote equal professional opportunities for men and women. Accordingly, one of METRO's goals is to further increase the proportion of women in management positions. We set ourselves gender goals for September 2025. By September 2025, METRO AG aims to have 25% women in the first management level below the Management Board and 40% in the second management level below the Management Board. In addition, we have voluntarily set ourselves a target for the proportion of women in management positions at METRO Wholesale. According to this target, by September 2025 the proportion of women in management positions is to reach 30% globally. In addition, according to the objectives of the Supervisory Board, at least one woman should be a member of the Management Board of METRO AG by June 2022. Andrea Euenheim was appointed to the Management Board of METRO AG as the new Labor Director as of November 1, 2019. METRO AG will thus achieve the target set by the Supervisory Board already in 2019. To support these targets, we launched the Women Leadership Programme (WLP) in 2018. This program promotes the top 150 women within METRO with customized training measures. In addition, they are offered the opportunity to contribute to solving relevant business challenges and thus achieve impact and international visibility.

UN Standards of Conduct for Business

In May 2018 METRO signs the United Nations "Free and Equal" Standards of Conduct for Business, a code of conduct for companies that ensures that all employees are "free and equal" and do not experience any discrimination - neither in their own company, in affiliated communities or at suppliers.

LEAD Network CEO Pledge

The LEAD Network CEO Pledge accelerates gender parity and drives inclusion in the European Retail & CPG value chain. Launched in 2017 30 CEO’s have signed it yet. Its about CEO driven effort to accelerate gender parity and drive inclusion in the European Retail & CPG. By signing the pledge the CEO commits to a significant increase (at least 5%) from the current baselines and build a plan to achive gender parity over the next decade.