Apply at METRO

We strive to make our interview process a true reflection of our culture: transparent, authentic and cooperative. Throughout the interview process, our HR staff and the Hiring Manager will provide you with all relevant information about METRO and your future role. They will guide you through the next steps and always have an open ear for your questions.

As our Guiding Principles define the way we work together, they are also our guideline when we interview future colleagues – our soon-to-be #METROheroes. We put our culture at the heart of the way we work as an organisation - not just when it's convenient, but in a lasting and meaningful way to make an impact. To familiarise yourself with our culture, we recommend that you review and reflect on our Guiding Principles.

METRO is also characterised by highly motivated employees, whom we have named #METROheroes, who bring our open corporate culture to life. They combine passion, cooperative action and outstanding performance in our core business. By courageously pursuing new ideas, they constantly challenge the status quo and drive our business forward.

About the interview process

Search the right role in the right METRO location

From digital companies to wholesale business, we offer diverse career opportunities. First we recommend you to find the best match to your profile and career aspiration. Use our job board and country specific job search tools to find the most appropriate job and send us your application with a personal covering letter, your CV and relevant supporting documents.

Before application

For us, the right match requires a cultural check. We define our METRO culture through our guiding principles. Before you apply, we recommend you get to know our unique culture and employee experience. Please also read the job advertisement carefully and match the requirements of the position with your profile to ensure that this will be your next career step. We hope to offer you a good match for your next career move.

Apply online

Once you have found the right job in the right location, you can apply online. Please note that we cannot forward your application from one location to another. We fully comply with the GDPR regulations.

First Phone/Video Call

Depending on the role and the local process steps, you may be invited for an initial telephone/video interview in which we will ask you to provide further information about your motivation, the way in which your experience and expectations could help you meet the key requirements of the role. You may also use this call for further questions on your part.

Hiring Manager Interview

We conduct interviews with Hiring Managers at our local headquarters, in our stores or virtually. We will take the opportunity to give you further insights into the vacancy, the challenges and changes as well as further insights into METRO. We will have an in-depth conversation about your professional experience to see how it matches the requirements of the position. Our guiding principles guide us in the search for new colleagues. You will therefore always be asked questions to determine whether you fit into our corporate culture. We are happy to ask questions based on concrete examples from your experience. During these interview steps, you will also have time to clarify further questions from your side.

Assessment Centre

For certain roles we hold assessment days to evaluate your skills and abilities in a group of peers. If you are invited to an assessment day, you will receive further information in advance to help you prepare and explain all the details of the day.

After your interview

If you’ve been successful in your application, welcome to METRO! You’ll receive a verbal offer from your Hiring Manager or HR contact person and, if you accept, we’ll quickly follow up with a written letter of offer. It will also give you information to help you prepare for your first day.

If you’ve not been successful this time in your application, we’ll contact you as well to give you a constructive feedback. Please don’t be discouraged by this result though – we encourage you to keep checking back for opportunities with us.

For us, right match requires a cultural check. We define our METRO culture by our Guiding Principles. Before your application, we strongly recommend you to discover our unique culture and employee experience.

Your time is valuable, and we are committed to share  detailed feedback back with you. You will hear from our recruitment team!