Cross Functional Talent Development

Future Leaders Programme

Our Future Leaders Programme aims at strengthening your capabilities to lead self, inspire teams and deliver a high performing organisation. Throughout the different modules, your customer focus is sharpened in order to position customer needs at the center of your strategic and operational decision making process. Furthermore, your ability to manage projects in a sustainable and agile way is fostered and know-how as well as understanding of interrelation between different functions is enhanced. The goal is to transform our future leaders into social extroverts with the ability to build trustful relationships while reaching the company's targets.

METRO Sustainable Leadership Programme

Our METRO Sustainable Leadership Programme (MSLP) supports the sustainability vision by growing people, ideas and capabilities. The program boosts sustainability across METRO, with a focus on organisational change and on building a community of sustainability leaders & ambassadors.

The MSLP is a strong mix to enhance our corporate values: leadership by example and sustainable business. Looking for and driving forward new, sustainable solutions requires courage, creativity, persistence and out-of-the-box thinking. And for all of this, we need people who stand up and dare to lead.

Cross-Functional Talent Development